EPO Equine is a Safe, Legal, and Effective Equine Racing Supplement

It’s a Natural Win-Win-Win

Boost your horse’s speed, strength and stamina
without compromising his health – or your soul!*


The only natural horse blood builder designed for safe daily use as a performance horse dietary supplement.

It’s a tough game out there… and only getting tougher. We know. The handle is down all over the country. Purses are shrinking. Racing dates are drying up. The pressures to win – and win now – are enormous!

No wonder so many horsemen resort to whatever it takes to get a piece of the purse or a decent sale… even if it means putting their horses’ lives in mortal danger by doping them with illegal synthetic erythropoietin (EPO) to boost endurance.

At a US Racetrack, they call it the “deadly drug secret:” Despite being a serious health threat, synthetic EPO is “used rampantly at the track.” Veterinarian Smith says. “It’s a problem all over the industry. There is no way horses should be put on (synthetic) EPO. The long-term effects put their life in danger.”



So How Do You Win?

Q: How do you gain a competitive edge without harming your horses or risking your livelihood?

A: The answer is a safe blend of natural performance horse dietary supplements that support natural EPO production.

So what’s the big deal about EPO production anyway?

Just like in people, a horse’s muscles require oxygen from blood for fuel. Red blood cells serve as the oxygen-carrying cells in the blood.A higher red blood cell count = more oxygen in the blood = more muscle energy.

Elevated muscle energy helps the horse perform harder, faster and longer during endurance events.

So here’s where the horse’s natural EPO production comes in.The hormone erythropoietin (EPO) is made by the kidneys to stimulate production of new red blood cells from bone marrow. EPO is a natural “blood builder.” EPO Production in HorsesWith EPO doping, trainers boost EPO levels to get improved performance. But they use a synthetic EPO (recombinant human EPO), even though the side effects can kill the horse. That’s why it’s illegal.The great news is – there’s another option.

EPO – Equine®: a safe, highly effective natural, dietary horse performance supplement accepted by the racehorse community.

The Days of Dangerous, Illegal EPO Doping Just to Cash a Bet Will Soon Be Gone.

There’s a natural solution that delivers the same amazing benefits with NO harmful effects. How?

Biomedical engineers at our cutting edge laboratory first discovered a completely natural EPO booster for human athletes (and it’s working miracles for top athletes and amateurs around the world).

Seeing these results, horse trainers contacted us and asked about using this natural formula for their animals.

That’s when our scientists dug deeper and discovered a proprietary, horse-friendly strain of a common herb that delivers uncommon blood-building results.

Yes, it’s a common herb, but don’t be fooled. It’s not something you can buy downtown at the health food store. Let us explain.

Quite simply, our team has invented a powerful dietary supplement comprised entirely of herbs and vitamins – based on the EPO boosting abilities of a certain strain of Echinacea in a special extract that’s astounding researchers and trainers alike.

The patent-pending formula in EPO Equine® contains a dozen different herbs, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients that act together to accelerate red blood cell production…


For Remarkable Speed, Strength and Stamina Right Out of the gate…*

Discover The Team Behind This
EPO-Boosting Breakthrough

U.S. based Biomedical Research Laboratories started out as a human sports nutrition company focused on solutions to improve energy, stamina, health, vitality and athletic performance – without drugs or synthetic compounds.

These solutions have received rave reviews and third-party endorsements from doctors, trainers and athletes, including triathlete trainers and world-class cyclists. Why?

Because our active ingredients have been shown to promote EPO function. This brilliant team recently turned their attention to equine dietary supplements to help horses achieve the same winning results, with lasting health.

Epo-Equine is formulated in our US-Based manufacturing facility and are certified and fully compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices.

Quality control and testing procedures ensure the absolute 100% purity, potency and freshness of every jar. Read About Us…



The Clinical Study

The mission: to see if active ingredients could stimulate the immune system and improve performance of the horse.

For 42 days… one group of horses was supplemented with Echinacea and a second group of horses was given a placebo. Each groups response was recorded.



The Results?

Increased the size and concentration of peripheral red blood cells, and the concentration of hemoglobin and packed red cell volume
Effectively stimulated equine immunocompetence,
Improved the quality of blood by increasing hemoglobin levels and the number of red blood cells which, by virtue of their effects on oxygen transport cells
Elevated the parameters of exercise physiology and performance.

Bottom line? It WORKS!

“If it hasn’t been shown by science to work, we don’t put it in our products,” says a Biomedical Research Laboratories spokesperson.

Wow, right?

Finally, here’s a SAFE way to raise your horse in class, get bigger purses and make up your investment:

EPO-Equine® – the all natural horse performance supplement.

“No Way Am I Revealing THIS Secret.”


One of our customers, a trainer in Kentucky, first started ordering a single jar of EPO-Equine® natural performance horse supplement once a month.

Now he’s ordering CASES each month. And he won’t tell us exactly why.

He said respectfully, “Sorry – no way. I don’t want my competition to know about this.”

The results are so incredible that he’s dead set against disclosing who he is, who his horses are, or even where he trains and races!

One harness pacer was at least willing to give us this insight:

“I was looking for a safe, legal edge for my pacer and decided to try EPO Equine. After 29 days of use, I can feel the ease at which the horse gets through her training. Recovery is definitely better and she’s eating better. Her first trial left me in no doubt that your supplement works. She wasn’t yet fully fit, but she ran her best time to date. I look forward to racing her and moving up her class.”*


For Remarkable Speed, Strength and Stamina* Right Out of the gate…

“OK, Great. But is EPO Equine
Easy to Use?”

That’s the beautiful part. Trainers are finding it incredibly easy to add EPO Equine® to the horse’s daily feeding routine in the barn or on the road.

We provide a handy scoop in each jar. So all you do is this:

Feed 1 scoop (3.2 grams) each day. That’s it. (30 scoops in each jar)

And, within 3 to 4 weeks of daily use, you can expect to be delighted by these benefits:

Increased red blood cell levels with no undesirable side effects*
Advanced EPO production resulting in a significantly greater red blood cell count*
Stimulated immune system (defense against external forces that could weaken performance)*
Improved muscle performance*
Supercharged endurance*

* Individual Horse Results May Vary

In short: Ready to HIT THE BOARD in the next race!*


For Remarkable Speed, Strength and Stamina* Right Out of the gate…

Nothing else is scientifically proven to deliver the same benefits… in an AFFORDABLE, completely natural and completely legal formula.

This could be the one!


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For Remarkable Speed, Strength and Stamina* Right Out of the gate…

P.S. No more looking over your shoulder when it comes to boosting your horse’s natural EPO levels. EPO-Equine® WORKS without containing Epogen, Erythropoietin, EPO or any banned substances on the USEF Drugs and Medication Guidelines or the FEI Prohibited Substances List. EPO Equine is an all natural dietary supplement for your horse.

Try it risk-free today!

* Individual Horse Results May Vary