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Is EPO-Equine® safe?


Active compounds specially prepared in the proprietary Endurance ComplexTM have been cited in hundreds of scientific studies. If, for any reason, packages do not meet pharmaceutical standards, the products do not leave our facility.

EPO-Equine® is manufactured for safety in a fully temperature-controlled FDA-inspected facility that ensures purity and accuracy of materials through inspection and evaluation at every step of production and packaging. With a strong commitment to meet or exceed U.S. Government regulations, we maintain Pharmaceutical Standards of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) throughout all our operations (NSF® and NNFA® certified GMP facilities).

Our processing & packaging equipment is the most state-of-the-art and technologically advanced equipment available on the market today. Computer controls ensure the highest standards of accuracy and quality.

No adverse side effects have been reported following use of  EPO-Equine®.

*EPO-Equine® does not contain Epogen, Erythropoietin, EPO or any banned substances on the USEF Drugs and Medication Guidelines or the FEI Prohibited Substances List.

Good Manufacturing Practices

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