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How long do the effects of EPO-Equine® last? What happens when I stop giving EPO-Equine® to my horse?


EPO-Equine® is formulated for optimum short-term and long-term effects. EPO-Equine® is designed to quickly increase circulating natural EPO levels.* Within a month, use of EPO-Equine® active ingredients has been shown to increase red blood cell and hemoglobin levels in horses. You can expect your horse to return to their prior lower level of performance and endurance after abstaining from use of EPO-Equine® for more than two weeks.

Feeding recommendations:
Loading dose: first two weeks feed 2–3 scoops as a top dress
Maintenance: 1–2 scoops daily pre race two days prior to race, increase to 2 to 4 scoops daily
Re-Boost: Use consistently for 2–3 months then take one week off, resume using for 2–3 months
Serving size 1 scoop, servings per container 30


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*Individual Horse May Vary