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paul kelley

Congratulations Paul Kelley to Obrigado on your recent win! $200,000 Maxie Lee Invitational @ Harrah’s Philadelphia

“I have been using the EPO-EQUINE feed supplement for a number of years now. This is a great natural feed supplement that helps keep red blood cell counts at healthy levels throughout the long arduous racing season.

It is cost effective,very palatable and 100% safe.”

Paul Kelley, Owner / Trainer at Kelley Racing Stable

Paul is currently an active member of the United States Trotting Association, Standardbred Canada, Standardbred Owners Association of New York, Standardbred Owners Association of New Jersey, and Harness Breeders of New York

Brett_Bittle_Muscle_Diamond_USTA__3121 MHI have found Epo-Equine a reliable and natural way to help my horses recover faster after strenuous work. Keeps them energized and feeling good for racing.I noticed a big difference in energy levels in less than two weeks . Finally a worthwhile supplement.Brett Bittle, trainer of Muscle Diamond
Stoneriggs Mystery“We use Epo-Equine on our horses and get excellent results. We have faith in this product and will continue using it.”* David Morton is owner of Stoneriggs Mystery, top horse in 2014 and joint leading horse with Rewrite History for 2015.Photo of: Stoneriggs Mystery).David Morton (owner) and Wilma Morton (trainer)Horse of the Year 2015 Stoneriggs Mystery Needing no introduction, Mystery this year has turned in his consistent performances and won the Billy Williams FFA, the BHRC European Pacing Classic and is of course ‘the Big Gun’ of 2015  (sponsored by Standardbred Horsesales, Harrisburg, USA) and Pacer of the Year 2015 Stoneriggs Mystery.

*Individual horse results may vary.

 Race 5          Rhyds Art  S“We have had excellent results since using EPO-Equine and find when having regular blood test that our horses red blood cell counts are consistently high. We have used this product for over 2 years now and have no reason to change this winning combination.”*(Photo of Rhyds Art, Winner, Breeder Crown UK and Ireland)

Rhyds Art, Winner, Breeder Crown UK and Ireland

Individual horse results may vary




Congratulations to Trainer Nick Gonzales and Midnight Aria on wire to wire win at the Queens Plate

tonyCongratulations to Trainer Tony Alagna and Captaintreacherous in the win at Meadowlands Pace.

“EPO-Equine keeps red blood cells and energy levels at a good pace for racing and training. Our training team gives the formula a big thumbs up. We’ve seen is that our horses are maintaining a good weight. I’d tell anyone to give it a try because it keeps the horses’ red blood cells and energy level at a good place for racing and training.”*

Steve Margolis, Margolis Racing Stables, Top Thoroughbred Trainer


“We use this product on most of our horses and find that it keeps their immune system right and blood levels remain high.”*

-Theresa and Alan Haythornthwaite (Leading Trainer and Driver)

(photo of Frisco Frisk winning the 3 Year Old Dragoness at Tregaron this year)

Willie Moore“I would like to let you know that I have had great success with your product. One of my horses, Stoneriggs Banner, has won Scottish Harness Racing Horse of the Year for 2013. There has been a dramatic improvement in him since using your product so I have just ordered another 12 jars. I thought you would appreciate feedback on the effectiveness of the product and thank you.”Willie MooreStoneriggs Banner, has won Scottish Harness Racing Horse of the Year for 2013.
charles“We have a nice mare that we decided to start on EPO-Equine. 3 weeks later, she calmly walked up to compete and as she came down the alley and went around the first barrell she had a stride you would not believe, she just reached out like she never did before. I then took her off EPO-Equine because I wanted to see if it was really your product and she was not as responsive. We started her back and I will tell you when you ask her to go you better hold on.”*Charles Des Angles and Maria Blaize, MS
“When the folks at EPO-Equine asked me how I’d describe the difference in our barn since using this product with our daily feeding… I said, “Our horses have been batting 450 for 4 months now. You know how in baseball, batting 350 is a big deal? Well, since trying EPO-Equine, our horses have been batting 450 with steady wins. One of my horses went up the ladder like crazy. He ran the fastest mile of his life, and he went from a $4,000.00 claiming race to win an $8,000.00 claiming race to a $20,000 claiming race. The results are all there in the USTA and Standardbred Canada records.Plus, recovery has improved. The horses used to be sluggish the day after a race, giving me the attitude of, “Don’t bother me; I’m sleeping.” But these days, they eat good after races and they’re fired up in the stall the next day. Imagine seeing new results like this after a 47-year career in harness racing. I’m using this product with my whole team. Give it a try and see what happens for you.”*

“I have been selling BRL products now for close on 3 years with repeat orders from my clients, who mostly wish to remain anonymous. My sales have been mostly to the harness racing fraternity, but recently I have broken into the thoroughbred market with some pleasant results with the trainers wishing to remain anonymous at this stage.

One thoroughbred trainer wished to test EPO-Equine on 5 of his horses before placing a firm order. He had two different veterinary practices testing the trial horses blood levels on a weekly basis.

The results were staggering, and not to contravene the strict rules of racing in UK and Ireland, it was extremely important as a trainer to ascertain there is no possibility of getting a positive test for EPO-Equine.

Four of the horses trialing the product consequently went on to win and the fifth horse is showing immense improvement.

This trainer has now placed a large order to put his whole stable on EPO-Equine.

We are at present looking for agents for certain countries in Europe. You can apply by contacting Dave Wilson Harness by email to info@davewilsonharness.com in the first instance.”*

– Dave Wilson Harness, sole distributor for Europe

* Individual Horse Results May Vary